Odesza Drop Brand New Video for ‘It’s Only’

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Odesza Drop Brand New Video for ‘It’s Only’

Shot completely in black and white, Odesza have released a video clip to accompany their huge 2014 release, ‘It’s Only’ (feat. Zyra).

The highly dramatic and deeply symbolic clip takes viewers on a journey through humankind’s many accomplishments and highlights, but juxtaposes these strongly against our many downfalls. Director Dan Brown successfully presents contemporary social topics in the clip in a subtle manner, where he portrays the current race conflict in the United States, between two women who are in fact, gay. By doing so, Brown and Odesza voice their opinion on current issues, where humans can be regarded as totally equal in any sense or context.

With more and more artists voicing their beliefs on relevant topics, how does this affect your experience listening to their music? You can see the clip for yourself just below, via Odesza’s Vimeo.

ODESZA – It’s Only (feat. Zyra) – Official Music Video from ODESZA on Vimeo.


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