Is This The End Of Sydney Boat Parties?

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Is This The End Of Sydney Boat Parties?

With a host of parties set to go down over the Halloween weekend and the peak summer season almost upon us it seems the authorities are taking a stand forcing the closure of two boat parties during October and another three planned for November.

The closures come on the back of a massive crackdown on these events over the Easter long weekend which saw police shutdown the annual Diry Funkin’ Beats Good Friday party following reports of three over doses, an assault of a police officer and a brawl on the cruise itself.

Does this spell the end of the floating rave ?

“In 2014-15 boating season, police detected approximately 30 ‘dance party’ events being held on vessels. Police subsequently responded to numerous serious incidents at these functions, including violent ­assaults, use of prohibited drugs and excessive alcohol consumption,’’ a police spokesman said.

As a result of these ­incidents, additional liquor ­licence conditions were imposed on some individual vessels that prohibited “dance party” functions.

It would be a shame if these conditions were imposed across the board for all vessels. Over summer there is not many locations better across Australia if not the world than Sydney harbour and it should be open to the masses to responsibly get there groove on.

Surely with proper management promotors and authorities can work out a happy medium preventing the end of what has become a summer staple of the city.

4/10/15 Saturday MV Aussie Legend 12pm — 6pm King Street Wharf/Pukka Up Boat party
24/10/15 Saturday Good Time Hbr 12pm to 6.30pm King Street Wharf Blueprint Day Cruise
24/10/15 Saturday 12pm to 6pm King Street Wharf Rock the boat — A UK garage Odyssey
07/11/15 Saturday MV Aussie Legend 12pm — 5pm King Street Wharf Tension 8
14/11/15 Saturday MV Aussie Legend 12pm to 4pm King Street Wharf Raiders Tropicool Cruise

Check out a video from the Ship Faced parties that went without incident for years and proudly supported by Stoney Roads.

SOURCE: The Daily Telegraph


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