LISTEN: Four Tet remixed Eric Prydz

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LISTEN: Four Tet remixed Eric Prydz

Master producer and lord of dense, textural experimental electronic, Four Tet has done the seemingly impossible: taking an Eric Prydz track, and making it cool.

…I kid, I kid. The original track “Opus“, released as part of the tenth anniversary celebrations for his label Pryda, was pretty smooth to begin with. Progressive and satisfyingly uplifting, it’s more than nine minutes of spacey tech-house from the Swedish production powerhouse.

Now, Four Tet has flipped it on its head, intensified every single layer and shoved it through a series of nearly unrecognisable makeovers. Split into distinctively different phrases with extensive builds between them, the what this remix swells and stretches is astounding.

If you don’t have ten minutes minutes to spare, get into the atmosphere and then skip ahead to minute six. The drop comes in after 7:40, immediately transforming again, into a shuffling, grinding, muddy jam.

I love discovering remixes that are better than the original – and this is definitely one of them.

Four Tet will be visiting the country over the new years period to perform at Lost Paradise and Let Them Eat Cake.

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