Obama Gives Chicago House A Huge Endorsement

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Obama Gives Chicago House A Huge Endorsement

When the POTUS isn’t taking care of business in the White House or is in need of a little down time.. What do you think he’s doing? Well if this is anything to go by, he might be connecting with his roots listening to a little bit of Chicago house.

In a special Boiler Room edition in Chicago, Obama sent a video message to kick off proceedings quoting;

“Michelle and I are sorry we can’t be home with all the house heads in Jackson Park today,” Obama explains in the video, which you can watch below. “We’re having a 4th of July get together of our own at the White House, with some of America’s finest servicemen and women, and their families, but I still wanted to wish the Chosen Few DJs and all of you a happy 4th of July, and a happy 25th anniversary, Chosen Few Picnic. Love you Chicago! Enjoy the fireworks.”

The line up included the likes of Jesse Saunders, Alan King, Tony Hatchett and Andre Hatchett, Terry Hunter and Mike Dunn. Obama is no stranger to house music having shared a touching tribute to Frankie Knuckles post his passing mid-last year.

Check out the set plus message from Obama in full below!


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