Cops Do The Darndest Things At Raves

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Cops Do The Darndest Things At Raves

Maybe cops aren’t all that bad with footage surfacing of a couple of foot-loosing PD’s making the most of the beats and good times at Electric Forest Festival earlier this month.

The story goes that punters┬ámanaged to pull enough glow sticks together (ha) to build a slightly above average sized hopscotch course (?) which police just couldn’t help but give a whirl as on-lookers noted;

Throughout the events at the Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, Michigan, Alex said there was a pair of police officers watching what was going on. They asked if the group were enjoying the festivities and advised them to make sure to stay safe. Then one officer if he could be the first one to go down the hopscotch. Alex was lucky enough to have had his phone out at the time and managed to capture a truly heartwarming moment!

Maybe not as cool as our own bush doof dancing police but still, with cops chill enough to stop looking for trouble and instead opting for a literal hop around the paddock means you’re going to have a good time.

As always, filmed on a potato.


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