£600,000 Worth Of Cocaine Found In Banana Shipments, Again

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£600,000 Worth Of Cocaine Found In Banana Shipments, Again

Seems like cartels are getting sloppy with yet more cocaine found in shipments of bananas after the mother-load landed throughout Aldi stores in Berlin last March.

As The Standard reports this gaff was slightly underwhelming with only 5Kgs found in boxes that made their way to a Tesco store in Wokingham, Berkshire in the UK when worker began unpacking the fruit flown from farms across Costa Rica.

Of course this could mean similar shipments landed in other Tesco stores and some underpaid worker just hit the jackpot or as Director of drug research company the Independent Monitoring Unit, Matthew Atha thinks “I think that it is not impossible that someone in Tesco was involved in it, but it is more likely that it is someone from the distribution who wasn’t there on the day to collect the delivery, or had been arrested on other charges.”

Either way, if police are only hamming onto shipments by accident you really have to wonder the quantity of narcotics making their way into countries such as Germany, UK and Australia where we consumed almost $7 billion in a ‘cocktail’ of drugs last year that included a growing use of the dark web.

Bananas keeping those bodies strong right?


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