Post Mortem Finds Twist In Six Future Music Festival Asia Deaths

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Post Mortem Finds Twist In Six Future Music Festival Asia Deaths

Future Music Festival would be shocked at major revelations with regards to six deaths at the annual Asian leg of the dance music festival held in Malaysia last year.

Surrounding the deaths, media were led to believe according to reports by authorities that the attendees at Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) had passed away due to drug overdoses.

But post-mortem results for the six deaths issued two months after the 2014 deaths showed the real cause to be heatstroke, with drugs playing a negligible role.

Forensic pathology department head Prof Dr K. Nadesan stated that the handling of the reports by officials were weak at best;

“Generally, the police did not show much interest in the reports. Unfortunately, they made statements without proper scientific reasons, which is not the right way.”

“They should have spoken to us and encouraged an inquest into the case because it is a matter of public interest to prevent similar incidents,”

Day two of the festival held last year had a combination of choking haze, high humidity and 35°C temperature – which were the main causes dehydration and organ failure leading in large part to the numerous deaths.

Dr K. Nadesan emphasised that the deaths could have been avoided had the organisers provided access to water and information on how to stay safe in the undesirable weather conditions.

With Future Music Festival having had the Asian leg of the festival cancelled only days out from the event this year with authorities stating issues with drugs could this information have changed the forecast for that and it’s now defunct brand here in Australia?

Food for thought.

Source: The Star


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