Need some high-tech new headphones? Here’s four of the coolest out there.

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Need some high-tech new headphones? Here’s four of the coolest out there.

New technology seems to always give us a sense of excitement at a  kids-on-Christmas-morning level. New gadgets with cool new customisable features and more only make it even better. Here’s four of the coolest new headphones out there.

1. Headphones + Google Glass = ?

Well, not quite. But these headphones have an attachment that looks like Google Glass. Taiwanese company ChipSip have developed SiMe ‘smart’ headphones, that are so much more than large, particularly comfortable-looking headphones. Last year, the company released a Google Glass-esque ‘smart glasses,’ available for purchase at a cool $550. They’ve now taken that very idea and applied it to headphones, with the glasses component as a transparent display screen, which users can spin 180 degrees, meaning they can lift it away when not being used. The screen can be used for both audio and video purposes, as users can use Bluetooth to stream films and music.

The headphones have 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, 8GB, and a 5 mp camera. The headphones come along with a touchpad on the side for easy operation.


2. Filter out frequencies with these wireless earbuds

Doppler Labs are an American company who have, like so many start-ups, have taken to Kickstarter to fund this amazing new product – with great success, having already earned $300 000 with 2 days to go – far higher than the $250 000 aim. These wireless earphones, called “Here,” can reportedly squash out some frequencies in your surroundings – and it can add them, too.

Billed as an “active listening system,” these whizz-bang bud allow you complete control over the quality of the audio, end everything which surrounds it. Digital signals are connected to a smartphone app which is essentially a remote control, from which you can adjust and equalise the bass, mid and treble surround sounds.

Various specially-customised presets are also available, including softening background chatter such as on the street or in an office, or the noise of a jet engine. It can also boost background sounds – such as bass in da club.

Sounds cool, right? It’ll cost you around $179. Head to Kickstarter to check it out.


3. Tired of earphones that fall out at the gym? Sol Republic got you covered. For $69.99.

Sol Republic’s Relays in-ear buds are a pretty miraculous item. These tiny earphones conform to the shape of your ear, promoting stability and preventing them from falling out. They’ve been around for a year or so, but now they’ve been upgraded – while the price has gone way down.

The Relays Sport is made from a similar movable material. It’s kind of like a sponge – it squishes into your ear, and then expands to stay in place. The extra-tight fit is perfect for even the sweatiest situations, as they won’t fall out. They’re also water resistant!

Other new features include a simple clip to prevent the buds from bouncing as you run, as well as a microphone for answering the phone and more. Oh, and the sound quality is excellent, particularly considering the price.


4. Customise your sound with Axel headphones

These are awesome. Axel’s new Modular Headphones have also used Kickstarter to fund their personalised headphones. Essentially, the idea is that you can use your headphones to maximise the audio quality, specifically tailored to the genre of music you like most. There’s three soundscapes: Deep (best for dance, electronic and hip hop), Pure (ambient, jazz, folk, classical) and Core (pop, rock, contemporary.)

Here’s a graph which kind of explains them:



The company even have an online app which uses your Spotify listening history to determine which option is best for your listening experience. Other customisable aspects include picking on or over-ear, as well as multiple types of headband inserts. The company aimed to earn $180 000, and they’ve just finished with an impressive $201 000.


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