Daft Punk Go Full Throwback With New Merchandise

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Daft Punk Go Full Throwback With New Merchandise

Just days after Guy released new music, Daft Punk have ironically declared that “it’s a new era” and released some past time favourites with their famous branding on it.

I’m not talking past time like as in the last 5 years, I’m talking 80’s / 90’s past time with the introduction of Daft Punk YoYo’s, Daft Punk frisbies, skateboards (sold out) and Daft Punk semi flat brim? caps. What are these two guys trying to do?! Get kids off their computer to go outside and play or something?! Unheard of.

The complaints on their Facebook page are hilarious with digital native fans declaring things like “Why would I want a Daft Punk yoyo?” and “Less merchandise, more music.”

What I think these people fail to understand is, these items were cool when Daft Punk released music back 20 years ago and that it could be a statement that people don’t enjoy the simple things anymore. So why the hell not turn off your computer for 5 minutes and spin a yoyo.

Anyway check out the excellent old school merch advertising they run along with their new items for sale!

Daft Punk Skateboard 1


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