Dream Beach – Drove My Car Into the Ocean

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Dream Beach – Drove My Car Into the Ocean

Mellow producer, Dream Beach aka Andrew James Oliver, comes from the unlikely home on techno, Detroit. This exceptional singer-songwriter’s latest release by the name of “Drove My Car Into The Ocean,” will melt your heart.  It’s the follow up single to his release with Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs and his remix for K.Flay. Evoking all sorts of melancholic emotion, his production is flawless. The track begins slow and delves into really soft pillow-y, dream like synths.

“I wrote the words while I was struggling with transition. Lots of turmoil at home was grounding me. It’s my fault, I let it. Spontaneously, during this time I disappeared from Detroit. You’ll meet yourself out there, away from normality. Sometimes you have to get LOST to find IT. It’s the journey between death and returning as something eternal like the ocean. It’s a metaphor for being reborn artistically.“


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