Flight Facilities Brings America “Down to Earth”

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Flight Facilities Brings America “Down to Earth”

Last time I checked in with Flight Facilities, it was nearly three years ago at a show in Los Angeles. Nearly two years later, I caught the still rising duo on a Monday night in Denver. They did not disappoint.

Let’s cut to chase: if you have a chance to see Flight Facilities during the group’s ongoing (and almost finished) American tourtake that chance, dance with that chance, and thank us later. The crew has seriously reached new heights from both production and experience viewpoints. Oh, and get there early. Anyway, let’s go.

When the first thing that comes to mind during a show is “hmm I bet this is what a Daft Punk show feels like”, you know you’re seeing something pretty neat.

As noted, I hadn’t seen Flight Facilities in almost exactly two years before last night’s week’s show. And when you haven’t seen a group perform for exactly two years, you can really evaluate how far that act has come. While that show two years ago was an excellent show, it was clearly just a prequel for the pilots.

That version of Flight Facilities (in a club) had the duo in their familiar air pilot get-up but devoid of a signature stage, light/video show, and featured mostly DJ track. The new live version of Flight Facilities provides that stage, that light/video show, Owl Eyes, a generally more professional set up and a seriously insanely mixed set of music.

Here are some highlights that stood out to me:

1) Touch Sensitive: Reminiscent of a vintage Fred Falke, it’s always a treat when you see a DJ whip out a bass and jam. Show up on time–he started at 9–so you don’t miss this opener and one Aussie’s rising producers.

2) Remixes: From the MAM remix of “With You” to the Wave Racer take on “Still Standing” (below), the duo did not shy away from playing interpretations of their tunes. That was surprising–but awesome:

3) Owl Eyes: Present for nearly every song (or ones in need of female vocals), the light shined brightest on Owl Eyes throughout the performance. There was clear chemistry in the air and her performance is well worth the price of admission

4) An Unusual Live Edit: You don’t think of trip-hop when you think of Flight Facilities. But towards the end of the set, an incredible song I’d never heard before came on. While a live edit of two FF originals, this tune is something you won’t find on the web..

5) Dance Music With Soul: Outside of perhaps Todd Terje, I don’t think there’s a better live production act in the indie-dance sphere right now. And there’s certainly not one that will make you feel as good as Flight Facilities.

As noted, the Flight Facilities tour is coming to a close, so if they’re coming to a city near you, get your dance pants on and make a move:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.02.50 PM



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