Berghain To Offer The World Rare Detailed Look Inside Club

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Berghain To Offer The World Rare Detailed Look Inside Club

Off the back of a heated rant from house legend Felix Da Housecat, Berghain have announced they’ll be launching a book that celebrates the last ten years of it’s illustrious club history.

Is it ironic for a club that’s quite widely known for not allowing photography inside it’s club to release a coffee table book that re-live the memories from inside Berghain’s hallowed walls?

The visual clubbing journey dubbed (can you guess it?) ’10’ is the second book to be released from the club, with ‘Die Nacht ist Leben (The Night is Life)’ being the first. That memoir tells stories from infamous bouncer Sven Marquardt, who’s largely responsible for rejecting many many people’s entries.

So for anyone who’s waited those agonising hours to get in and failed, here’s your chance to see inside with the release date set at some point in May 2015!

Check out the clip below of a 5am line at Berghain in 2010, sigh.

Source: RA


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