Australian Comedian Tears Apart ‘Sniffer Dog’ Debate

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Australian Comedian Tears Apart ‘Sniffer Dog’ Debate

Australian comedian friendlyjordies is no stranger to using his humour and intellect to tear apart glaringly dated political legislation or the strange human behaviour with his latest, a stab at the ‘sniffer dogs’ debate.

In the 6 minute video he pulls out hard facts, including the all too obvious statement that the message hasn’t changed in ten years yet police state that drug use has increased while claiming having dogs at festivals saves lives.

Couple this with the stubbornness to look at alternative methods such as offering testing kits endorsed by other countries and it actually becomes a bit of a laugh.

With Australians spending almost $7 billion last year on a ‘cocktail’ of drugs and two recent deaths as well as hundreds of arrests at festivals even with the increased dog operations there really has to be more options considered to protect the end user.

What’s got to happen?


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