Amine Edge & DANCE Is Storming The States

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Amine Edge & DANCE Is Storming The States

Creators of the G-House movement, these Frenchie have created a monster with some serious swag to it. House selektas with a taste for the gangsta side of dance have supported the charge with this trending genre. We all know that a new genre sprouts up each week these day, but this one actually stuck.

After the success of “Going To Heaven With Goodie Goodies” and follow ups “Bitches in The Project” and “Halfway Crooks”, Amine Edge & DANCE launched CUFF in 2014 as a home for their G-House movement. With tasteful releases from other bright names in the space, the guys have come out of nowhere with major US lineups this Spring. Announcing a staked CUFF showcase the boys take over Miami before top spots in the east coast by way of Canada. 

In an unlikely matrimony rowdy vocals and house bass lines met in the middle for a relations that could only be conceived by dance fans. As boundaries are knocked down, look out for more from these guys. Making beats and heaps of friends along the way, they will be pushing the limits of production for quite some time.


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