Jacob Plant Talks Punk Rock + New Track “Ice Cream”

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Jacob Plant Talks Punk Rock + New Track “Ice Cream”

Over the past year and a half, London native Jacob Plant has been responsible for some of the top club and festival bangers across the main stage. With killer remixes of Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” Calvin Harris’ “Need Your Love” and Iggy Azalea’s “Work,” Jacob has earned playtime on BBC Radio 1 and has had his tracks spun by Knife Party, Steve Aoki, Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, and Annie Mac.

Jacob broke out in the scene in 2013 when Scottish producer Calvin Harris signed his melodic tune “Shakedown” to Fly Eye Records. Shortly following the success of “Shakedown,” Jacob hit the studio and produced his next hard hitting progessive house track “Fire.” Racking in a #5 spot on Beatport’s Electro House chart for his Louder EP (released under Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak), this Londeron is producing versatile tracks that make your heart race and your body thrash.

Released by Dim Mak last week, Jacob’s new highly anticipated future house track “Ice Cream” is a cooling sensation of sexy, feel-good beats. Take a listen to this groovy track and check out what Jacob Plant loves to listen to, who has been supporting him through his musical journey, and what he has planned for the future.

You played at both Day of the Dead and Lollapalooza last year. How was that? Before you hit those two stages, were you a festivalgoer yourself or more of a smaller/underground show kinda guy?

Oh yeah, I love going to festivals! Before I started playing festivals I would always go every summer with my friends. We used to go to underground raves in London and Brighton too so I like both. Festivals are all about the experience, seeing loads of different music and getting up to no good. Smaller shows are way more intimate and more about the music.

What has been your favorite show you’ve played at thus far?

Reading & Leeds is a festival I have done two years in a row in the UK. I LOVE playing there. The crowd is young, super enthusiastic, and they love the music! I also did a tour in India, which was possibly the best week of my life. I will never forget that.

Your new track “Ice Cream” was just released this week on iTunes and was premiered by Pete Tong a couple of weeks ago, racking in over 150K listens. How have the responses been so far?

Yeah it’s been great so far. Pete Tong & Zane Lowe have supported it on BBC Radio 1 which is amazing. The song is very different to what I have released in the past. It’s much groovier and has a fun feeling about it. A lot of my music is quite dark and serious.

To be honest I always make what inspires me and I always like to move forward with my sound and not get stuck doing one thing. I was nervous about the reaction at first because it was different but I was actually surprised about the positive reaction it got!

Steve Aoki has been a big supporter of your music and used your song “Louder” in his tour video and played it heavily in shows. Would you say he’s a big influence? Who are some of your other musical influences?

Steve’s given me great support the last few years. Releasing songs on his label ‘Dim Mak’ has been great for getting my name out in America.

Another person who has helped me a lot is Calvin Harris. He has given me a lot of A&R feedback on song ideas I
send him. He also releases a lot of my music on his label ‘Fly Eye’. I really respect his advice.

I’m always looking for new music on the internet and new artists to inspire me. I can spend hours just listening to music online. I think listening is a great way of learning. Also I make sure I listen to different genres, it’s important to explore out of your comfort zone.

Did or do you play any instruments?

Yeah I play guitar and piano. I bought a PRS Custom 24 last year which is bad ass. I play a lot of piano in my spare time, mainly for enjoyment.

I was really into big punk rock bands in my middle school and high school years (like Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day, New Found Glory). What kinda of music did you listen to when you were growing up? Does any of it inspire the music you make or have any influence on you wanting to be in the music biz?

Haha yes! I used to love all that stuff. I grew up listening to Metal / Rock bands, rap, drum & bass and a lot of 90’s rave music. I would say The Prodigy, Pendulum, The Clash, Linkin Park and Eminem make up who I am today. When I was 13 I was always making heavy band music mixed with electronic music. I still want to start an electronic band… The Prodigy / Chemical Brothers vibes!

If I were to put your iPod on shuffle, what artist or genres of music would pop up the most?

I always listen to The Clash. I bought their complete collection on iTunes which has about 200 songs on. If you put my iPhone on shuffle your more than likely going to get a Clash song come up first!

What’s your favorite track at the moment? What’s your guilty pleasure song?

When I’m not away I normally have house parties at weekends. Everyone always puts their phone on the sound system and the girls always play 7/11 by Beyonce. I have to admit I have started listening to it on my own now haha!

You’ve hit the studio with Congorock and Henry Fong fairly recently. Care to spill any details on what’s in the works with those guys or any other collabs you are working on?

I have just finished a collaboration with Tujamo. That will be my next release which I am excited about. It has reggae influences in it which I think is always cool with dance music.

Both Congorock and Henry Fong are such nice guys, it was really cool working with them. Congorock took me to some great Italian restaurants downtown in LA.

What app on your phone can’t you live without?

I couldn’t live without ‘Whats App’. I use it so much to talk to friends when I am away. I have some very interesting groups on it haha!

As you look ahead at 2015, what are the goals you hope to accomplish as an artist and how do you hope to see yourself grow?

I am so excited about the future at the moment. I have some songs I am really excited to release this year. Aside from that I have been working on some really exciting projects on the side. I always have goals. I have yearly goals that then build up to my end goal. If everything goes to plan this year it will be my biggest year yet.

“Ice Cream” is available for purchase on iTunes.


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