Japans Raving Robot Restaurant Is Coming To Australia

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Japans Raving Robot Restaurant Is Coming To Australia

Chances are if you’ve found yourself in Tokyo in the last few years you would have heard about the legendary raving Robot Restaurant where you guessed it, robots manned by petite girls battle it out while you sit there eyes wide open, jaw dropped.

Well the good news is it’s heading to Australia in February in all its glow stick, pounding bass, skimpy clothed-dancer glory and you might have a chance of checking it out as we did when Red Bull sent us to Tokyo for Red Bull Music Academy – yes there were tons of lasers!

The bad news is it’ll only be here for two days in Sydney meaning our neighbours in other states will have to make a journey of their own to catch the pneumatic beasts in action, albeit a bit shorter.

For now you can head to the Contiki site and register for your chance to get your clamy hands all over some tickets to the shows Feb 23rd and 24th at a secret pop-up location (carriage works??).

Check out a video of the insane show below.


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