Digitalism – Second Chance

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Digitalism – Second Chance

Digitalism went under the radar with the announcement of their latest track ‘Second Chance’. While the radio mix has been online for quite some time and has featured in their live shows throughout 2014, the track has officially been premiered by the legends at Mixmag. Following on from their most recent release ‘Wolves’ with Youngblood Hawke, ‘Second Chance’ follows the pop friendly, dance heavy formula that Digitalism has been offering of late. Literally, give this track a ‘Second Chance’ as it is filled with their trademark bass lines, uplifting vocals and melodic synths. Put simply by Digitalism, “Second Chance comes off sounding like the perfect mix of Digitalism’s classic sound and their new direction”.

We haven’t seen a Digitalism album since 2011’s ‘I Love You Dude’, but I would consider this a brilliant follow up as it picks up where their last album left off.


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