Dada Life’s Laptop Is Involved In a Hostage Situation

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Dada Life’s Laptop Is Involved In a Hostage Situation

Swedish duo Dada Life have had an unexpected stumble when one of the bro’s left a bag containing a personal laptop among other things on the local subway mid-December.

Posting to Facebook, Dada Life seemed pretty devo about the whole thing as you’d expect but have found themselves in an unusual situation with a Twitter account popping up shortly after dubbed Dada Death that hinted at having found the prized possession.

dada life 1
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.59.45 am

After a month of taunts the Dada Death account seems ready to go in leaking a stack of material from the Swedish EDM groups ‘Tonight Were Friends Again’ project with Dada and their label obviously worried about the outcome.

dada death 2

News today posted on the Dada Death Facebook page is a link to a Soundcloud account which is where you’ll be able to find the new wares if the evil-doers follow through with their threads.

Now, at first what seemed like a purely accidental happening has us scratching our heads in believing if this is the real deal? Sure Sweden is full of creative types who could whip up a logo in no time, as well as a sneaky release strategy but it just seems all too coincidental. With the duo not shy of a publicity stunt here and there, this could in fact be their best yet.

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow! Watch a video below of our interview with Dada Life at last years Future Music Festival where we get them to take on the vegemite challenge.


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