Why Seth Troxler Hates Las Vegas

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Why Seth Troxler Hates Las Vegas

Seth Troxler is the Anti-Vegas, if there was every such a figure. In a recent chin wag with the Independent, the eccentrically cool techno producer who tripped balls at Strawberry Fields opened up on why he wants to avoid ‘mainstream’ dance music culture as much as possible. The interview is a cracker with plenty of one-liners and in order for you to get the best bit’s, here are five reason why Troxler thinks Vegas sucks.

1. Dance music has changed a lot since it hit the mainstream

“It was my escape. And now that it’s become this normality for city types. It just seems wrong and it seems not representative of the culture. The culture that really came out of secret clubs for gays and minorities. Now it’s party jams for WASP college kids.” (WASP = White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)

2. His thoughts after a set in Vegas at a Pete Tong party

“It was at this new big club and like 100 people showed up. I did get to stay in a hotel with mirrors on the ceiling. That was pretty cool. But on other side of that, I just didn’t get it. It was ridiculous and horrible. It just has nothing to do with the culture that I’m involved in, the culture that so many people I know have spent their lives dedicated to. It’s the antithesis.

3. People who attend Vegas don’t relate to Troxler

“If you want to spend $10,000 at a party when people are f***ing starving on champagne to impress some girls that you’re not going to sleep with, then you’re a dick. We’re not going to get along and I shouldn’t be playing music for you.”

4. He’s not going to let the culture he one knew die

“I just can’t lay down and let it happen. I feel like people just lay down and let their dreams die and say they can’t do anything about it. I’m like, ‘No, I’m in a position where I can at least try to be the opposite magnet to all that.’

5. How Troxler hopes to inspired a new generation of fans

Talking on his new project Tuskegee that he’s starting up with the Martinez Brothers, he said; “It’s about ideas. I want to create a place where kids can see that there’s a different lifestyle that they can live; that they can look at us and say, ‘These guys are cool and I want to be like those guys.”

Source: Independent


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