Why Is FL Studio Finally Releasing A Mac Version After 16 Years?

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Why Is FL Studio Finally Releasing A Mac Version After 16 Years?

Five years is a long time these days let alone 16 with popular production software FL Studio finally making the jump across to Mac sometime in 2015 after a devastatingly long wait.

For users wanting to use the software versus other easily accessed options had to hack their macs to run a Microsoft emulator to even run the thing which usually led to instability and slower processing speeds.

The good news is a Mac friendly version should land early next year according to a recent interview FL Studio programmers had with Attack Magazine, but why?

Two big reasons.

One, people don’t really use PC anymore, most producers are on the move constantly and don’t have a static studio set up to run the software. Look around and see how many of your favourite DJs have anything other than Macs carefully balanced atop the towering booth!

Two, Ableton have made such headway into the market as a go-to for DAW of choice that they are slowly but surely creeping up on FL Studio and will continue if nothing was to change according to a recent graph release by the Digital Music Doctor.

So now’s the time to ask yourself… will you use it on Mac?

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