Watch Seth Troxler Tripping Balls At Strawberry Fields

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Watch Seth Troxler Tripping Balls At Strawberry Fields

We’d heard stories of Seth Troxlers doof adventure when he played Strawberry Fields last weekend alongside AME, Giraffage, Max Graef and more but evidence of the yank really enjoying himself has surfaced!

In an exclusive interview with video guys PLGRM, Seth and a local walk the festival talking about bush and his preference of where he wants to see it as well as his younger years partying. There’s also a passing comment of Strawberry Fields being proto-burning-man vibes and nabbing a UDL off a festival goer – wooeeey.

The real cracker is when Seth decides to take off his pants because it’s so damn hot! There’s also a ton more laughs with Troxler rambling with the interviewer, passer-by’s and generally talking shop be it love plus impromptu karaoke session, his champion BBQ status and even an Old School quote.

seth troxler strawberry on Make A Gif

Although we know Seths a bit of a tripper at the best of times he certainly seems a little more unwound than usual especially word with him missing his Brisbane show but probably not as bad as Guett’s at Tomorrowland this year. The only thing that would have topped it off would be Seth donning a pair of Speed Dealers!

Watch it below before taking a look at our killer photo’s here shot by good friends Voena.


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