Wait, Did Tchami Write DJ Snakes Biggest Hit?

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Wait, Did Tchami Write DJ Snakes Biggest Hit?

It was impossible to avoid DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s infectious banger “Turn Down For What” when it landed just over a year ago today (what a Christmas present right? ha).

People are still seemingly turning down and yelling out “Fire up that loud, another round of shots” when the tune comes on but it’s got to be close to the end of it’s life cycle right?

Quite the contrary with it possibly becoming a bit of controversy after internet sleuths discovered who exactly wrote the original track. Hint: plot thickens.

Does the name Martin Bresso ring a bell? Maybe not in that form but most dance lovers would have certainly heard about Tchami in the last 12 months which is the moniker for Mr Bresso.

Further searching online has the Parisian often noted as one of the writers, producers and even engineer of the song, strange huh?

This might really just be standard music industry practice but some clarification would go a long way, especially after DJ Snake borrowed Mercer’s Prodigy “Breathe” remix earlier this year.

All in all Tchami probably saw nothing to it and earned himself a healthy cut of the royalties that landed in his bank account.

Better news is he’ll be here March next year for Future Music Festival to play alongside Drake, The Prodigy and Darude.

source: EDM Ranks


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