How Timbaland Influenced SBTRKT, Mr Carmack, Ta-Ku and more!

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How Timbaland Influenced SBTRKT, Mr Carmack, Ta-Ku and more!

Bass Music, Trap, Future Beats, whatever internet tags are making producers call their work right now, a crop of the freshest genre-bending electronic music of recent years owes a lot to the legacy of Virginia producer Timothy Mosley aka Timbaland.

Not in any way a creative obituary or tribute to the retired, Timbaland as you know is very much in the game and working away constantly but the best of his collected work, the professional and creative attitude of this person has inspired a generation of beat makers to turn expectation on its head, break popular music rules and follow the beat of their own drum.

Either referenced as an influence directly or otherwise, for music fans and creators that cut their teeth listening to his groundbreaking partnerships with artists like AaliyahJay-Z, Justin Timberlake and of course Missy Elliot at the turn of the millenium and beyond Timbaland taps into something that sees his underdog nature resonate through some of the most exciting up-and-comers rising through the ranks.

His best releases often sounding years ahead of it’s time Timbaland’s catalogue stands as a motivation for others to either follow in his footsteps or take his achievements in production even further and hopefully, in turn inspire the man himself to move things into new territory once again.

Speaking to Complex Magazine a few years ago SBTRKT, when hit with the regular influences question dropped a common answer amongst his contemporaries “I love Timbaland’s stuff. N.E.R.D was a really big influence. They were artists that were able to establish their own sound and also produce for other people. The ambitiousness of their songs really inspired me. It’s something soulful, but it trips up and does something original and unique every time.”

Last year Sweater Beats dropped a Timbaland only mix to make tribute to the influence he had on his work, the producer Falcons tongue-in-cheekly refers to his sound as “Post-Timbaland-step-bounce” and Mr Carmack can go one further with the artist that took Timbaland onto the popular landscape for the first time with the classic Pony (Via Joe Kay).

Screenshot 2014-12-07 22.05.32

The Timbaland name is synonymous with trusting creative risk with rhythm and popular sound, finding the best results with an outside the box approach and the mix below for you to enjoy is a celebration of those qualities. A selection of originals, remixes and edits of the Timbaland catalogue as well as a stack of some of the strongest artists carrying his legacy forward.


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