edIT Celebrates 10-year Anniversary Of “Crying Over Pros”

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edIT Celebrates 10-year Anniversary Of “Crying Over Pros”

It well and truly brings me great pleasure to pass on music like this. This week edIT released the deluxe 10 year anniversary edition of his game changing LP “Crying Over Pros For No Reason,” that also features five brand new tracks.

If you’re not familiar, COPFNR speaks to the legacy/story behind edIT’s contributions to the space. This album kicked off a worldwide movement and it cited as inspiration for nearly every broken-beat producer on the scene.
From humble beginnings on the Los Angeles underground to world tours of sold-out arenas, Edward Ma has seen it all in a career that now spans more than 15 years. Ten years on, the album is being reissued on limited edition vinyl and as a digital bundle with an extra five tracks from the original sessions. Its emotive power hasn’t faded one bit and its relevance has only increased as the future it hinted at became the present we now live in.
My personal favourtes are “Ants” and “Spare Fork.” “Ants” spoke to me in a way that not much music has for a while, pulling on my liquid drum n bass side. Both available for free download.


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