We Chat With Skrillex’s Latest Label Signing, Aussie Duo Carmada

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We Chat With Skrillex’s Latest Label Signing, Aussie Duo Carmada

It’s exciting times to say the least for the two solo Sydney / NSW acts Yahtzel (Max) and L D R U (Drew) turned dynamic duo, Carmada. Having recently announced a major signing onto Skrillex’s LA based OWSLA in the US and released a fresh to death video for their first and only release thus far ‘Maybe’, we caught up with the blonde silky haired bro’s to chat shit.

Find out why they’ve joined forces, their reasoning behind it besides having mad silky blonde hair and how not getting kicked out of a hotel bonded them together.

SR – Having produced some rompers as L D R U and Yahtzel, what’s the reason for starting Carmada?


C – Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

SR – Will Carmada become the main project?


C – If it buys us a mansion in California, then yes.

SR – Your first song ‘Maybe’ is pretty thumping – can we expect this vibe to continue?


C – There’s a lot of versatility when we make tunes together so I guess the tunes will follow that lead, that’s not to say there won’t be more heavier ones.

SR – You guys have already done a tonne of sets together! Do you remember the first day you met? Tell us a bit about it?


C – We met at a show @ Oh Hello Brisbane and can’t remember meeting but we had a party in my (Max) hotel room and came together trying to stop the hotel manager throwing us out.

SR – Who would serve as some of the inspirations to what you are creating?


C – We always wanted to incorporate the solo acts, Fake Blood, Kavinsky, Mr Oizo, Soulwax and Justice.

SR – What’s your favourite trap track out at the moment? (1 each)


Drew: Keys and Crates – Keep it 100

Max: ELOQ – Horny Loop

SR – You guys both have nice long silky blonde hair, any advice to any people out there in maintaining it?


C – Beer and pistachios.

SR – What’s better? Playing at a festival or in a club and why?


C – That’s a hard one, they’re both good for different reasons, but festivals always have that holy shit feel which is more rare in the clubs.

SR – When can we expect to see Carmada around the Aussie clubs traps?


C – We’re doing the Stereosonic tour first, but we will also be hitting some other places outside of the main capital cities. All the shows will be announced soon!

With LDRU and Yahtzel forming a single entity, this got us thinking about who else in Aus we’d like to see join forces. Check it out here!


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