Sound the Alarm, Australian Producer Redial Is Back!

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Sound the Alarm, Australian Producer Redial Is Back!

With Australia’s dance music scene exploding right now there are more new names surfacing than ever before with a literal pile of talented producers clambering skyward to claim their own piece of fame both locally and globally.

Although easy to jump onto the newest sounds you heard on Soundcloud three minutes ago, there are some less spoken of names from yesteryear that have re-juiced their drive and have firmly set their sights on 2014/15 with one in particular… Redial.

Having first clawed out a name for himself back in the hey-days of electro circa 2007-2009 Redial was a common name on the Australian dance circuit with both banging originals and remixes as well as a tight set for the punters.

The good news is he’s back, with a refined sound on hand in the form of “Don’t You Feel” in preview form below that’s looking to be released locally on Vicious Bitch (Peking Duk call this label home). Sounding already completely different from the ‘EDM’ fodder, “Don’t You Feel” seems fresh and hasn’t fallen into the aussie-trap routine that seems to be becoming more commonplace.

In an effort to scratch just beneath the surface we asked some questions as to where Rob has been, his ambitions for the next 12 months, if a potential live show is in order and… fishing!

SR: Hey Rob, long time no speak! What have you been up to?


R: Yo! I guess for the last year I’ve been writing a whole heap of new material. Also fishing. A lot of fishing.

SR: With a return to the scene, are you looking to excite old fans or find new ones?


R: Even though all this material is down a totally different path I still think that cinematic vibe found in my old material will always be present in whatever I do. I’ve played some of the tracks to a few people and the feedback has been great so hopefully that carries on for the release.

SR: The teaser for “Don’t You Feel” below has the hairs on my neck standing straight up. Why did you choose this as the first track to introduce people to Redial?


R: It was a real toss up between two tracks to put out first. Dont you Feel is perhaps the least “energetic” so to say, it will put more emphasis on the change of direction that I am going in, I guess. The other track (Just what I need) is easily my favorite, but its time will come 🙂

SR: Will there be a live show as well?


R: Not ruling it out. After watching Ned (Kilter) at Listen out ill probably have to work on my cardio.

SR: People may not know but fishing runs in your blood. Have you taken anything from the ocean and poured it into the new music?


R: Haha, yeah.. It’s been a part of me since I could walk basically. I think it helps with putting me in a good state of mind. Whenever I feel burnt out I’ll go out for a fish, have a few beers and I’m usually good to go again after that.

SR: Australia is at a crucial point in time of our NSW clubbing system being endangered. Do you have any advice or thoughts on the whole lockout situation?


R: It’s sad to see so many Iconic places being sold off or in a sad state but in saying that, when one door closes many others will open.

SR: Where do you see Australian dance music moving in the next 12-24 months?


R: In the future, Australian electronic music can only get stronger, and now that it is finally getting a lot of attention I think we will be seeing a lot more artists breakthrough into other territories a lot faster than in the past.

There you have it, to be a successful producer start flicking those lines and drinking those beers! Jokes aside prep yourself for “Don’t You Feel” and it’s official release come October 10th.


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