Seizures Imminent: Ambient music takes over Time Square

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Seizures Imminent: Ambient music takes over Time Square

In a bold move from the City of New York (and a sign that the hipster-pocalypse is here), ambient sound and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda is showcasing his mind-melting minimalism in Times Square throughout October.

Using data patterns to create his art and sounds – Ikeda grabs the genre of ambient by the balls and hikes them up to an uncomfortable level. Really pushing the limits of human listening abilities – the bass and shape manipulation is enough to send anyone into an existential crisis of human mechanics.

Naturally, NYC is bringing it to the family friendly Times Square.

Throwing caution to the winds of the mental health of the masses – Times Square will be clicking off it’s advertising and clicking on some ambience every night between 11.57 and midnight. Images and sounds projected will be from Ikeda’s Test Pattern A/V show – a piece greatly influence by his releases from German label Raster Noton.

Hipster’s delight? Maybe. Fucking awesome? Definitely.

Lock up your pingers because this one’s gonna be trippy mates – get down there if you’re in the area.

For an idea of what will be featured check out this video of Ikeda at Sonar in 2010.



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