Sable Hunts Down His Favourite Animal-centric Producers

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Sable Hunts Down His Favourite Animal-centric Producers

Perth producer Sable drew on his spirit animal for inspiration when it came to the name he’d throw on his fittingly spritely beats. So far he seems to have evaded Russian and Japanese hunters in the alps where the sable normally runs free and actually released a split 7″ with one of our favourite artworks of the year.

Guessing he’d have intricate knowledge of artists with animal alias we asked for a quick five favourites and why exactly he was so fine tuned into them. The results? Hilarious.

1. Bonobo



Named after chimps that copulate constantly (a LOT of sex) this guy is probably my biggest inspiration in electronic and definitely one of my faves.

2. Falcons



Falcons and Athletixx are consistently putting out great tunes. Falcons had an absolute fire previous 12 months.

3. Giraffage



When I want to relax I go straight for this long necked champion.

4. Basenji



On the Australian tip a v. lovable guy who, like the dog, also doesn’t bark.

5. Sinjin Hawke



Hawk counts right??!?!? This guy is massive massive inspiration and every tune he makes is fresh and absolute heat.

If you have a name related to some bird-of-prey I’ll definitely give your music a listen :3

Not bad, some a stretch but hey we dig the shit out of Sinjin Hawke too! Sables ‘Surf’ EP is out now on good friends Pilerats.


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