Kings Cross Club Night To Unveil Nu Dance Discoveries!

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Kings Cross Club Night To Unveil Nu Dance Discoveries!

Sydney’s got a new night that we’re pumped for! Sister site Track Sift is hitting up Kings Cross on a monthly basis to uncover some of Australia’s best kept producer secrets. Balancing together a delicate mix of experienced DJs splashed with fresh cut serving of production talent. the first party kicks off with two dudes who’ve combined got over 150k plays on their SoundCloud (full line up at the bottom of the post).





Produces some crazy sample heavy old school nu disco / house and engineers it into more contemporary and vibrant numbers! two tracks you MUST listen to are:



A producer out┬áto make people move with some hella stelar┬ámelodic grooves. B I N G I L’s easy going house driven dance music is catchy as all hell and word has it, he’s got some fresh stuff he may showcase. Here’s two tracks to get to know him!

Discovery Haus is kicking off Friday October 17th at Kit n Kaboodle



Discovery Haus


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