Don’t remember what you did last night? Boiler Room sure does.

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Don’t remember what you did last night? Boiler Room sure does.

We’ve got an awesome gif-centric blog for your weekend entertainment: introducing Boiler Room Knows What You Did Last Night.

The notorious club is known for it’s wildly amazing DJ sets and it’s endlessly heaving dance-floor – but what about the funnier side of things? Feast your eyes on BRKWYDLN, featuring GIF-animated clips of some of the best moments you probably thought nobody had seen.

You may not remember those sick air-DJ moves you pulled. Maybe you were too sloshed to remember that time you tried to pash the DJ. Maybe you totally do remember those dance moves – you know, the ones where it was all “live in the moment, dance like nobody is watching” etc.

Well unfortunately for you (and super fortunate for the rest of us,) the internet is ALWAYS watching.

These are HILARIOUS.

Some faves:

Just havin’ a cheeky BO-checkup


Dance moves like no other…




Check it all out here:


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