Tchami Talks Soundcloud, What ‘Future House’ is, Why the Clubs For Him and more!

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Tchami Talks Soundcloud, What ‘Future House’ is, Why the Clubs For Him and more!

With such a meteoric rise within the dance music scene you wouldn’t be surprised to find that there’s not much we know about Parisian powerhouse Tchami. In an effort to delve beneath the surface of the one we’re calling ‘The Preacher of Bassline’ we grabbed ‘T for few minutes just prior his first ever tour to Australia this month.

Talking shop we picked his brain on his Soundcloud ethos, what exactly the hell ‘future house’ is, if ‘EDM’ festivals are a healthy thing and of course the why France is so damn great (hint: hit play on his ‘Confessions’ mixtape before reading on).

SR: Hey Tchami, thanks for taking some time out to chat to us. Excited for your adventure to Australia? Will this be the first time you’ve visited?


T: Yes 1st time for me in Australia and I’m really looking forward this tour. I was glad to see that my Sydney show was sold out so we added a new one. Definitely excited.

SR: On your Soundcloud you mention an ethos of sorts ‘Can’t Edit Your Soul’ – What does that mean?


T: It means that only you can change what you (think you) are. I won’t try to please everybody, just going to do me. So it’s also a way to tell people that it’s okay to like or not like Tchami. If you don’t feel it then don’t believe the hype and go for something else you’ll love. It’s just music.

SR: You released your debut EP on A-Trak’s Fools Gold label, how did this come about?


T: Promesses and Shot Caller were my 1st tracks. I gave my friend DJ Snake a listen and as far I can say he was really feelin it. He sent it to A-Track who liked it as well and asked me if I wanted to release an EP via their “Clubhouse” series on Fool’s Gold. It didn’t take me long to say Yes.

SR: You’ve penned the sub-genre ‘Future House’, what is future house and what future does it have within dance music?


T: First of all I tagged my tracks “Future House” on Soundcloud as a defiant joke. It has never been about to launch a new genre. I guess people loved it and made it a new genre. That’s the beauty of internet. Future House basically means every tunes that push forward House genre. Whatever it is. It’s open. Now you can find some “Future House” drum kits and synth patch.

SR: Do you think big ‘EDM’ festivals are a healthy snapshot of what the dance music scene is?
T: It’s definitely a part of the Electronic Music’s Culture now. I think it can introduce good electronic music to people that weren’t listening to it before. But you can’t resume dance music to “EDM” big festivals. To me It starts in the club. It’s a different experience and I love both.

SR: You included two Australians in your first mix in the ‘Confessions’ series (Go Freek, Anna Lunoe). What do you know about Australian dance music?


T: I don’t know that much about Australian Dance Music. To me it’s just music that I like. So I play it. But I definitely want to discover some Australian artists especially during my trip.


SR: France is the birth place of some amazing electronic music over the past few decades, why has it played such an important role?


T: That’s a good question and in some way a “forever unfinished” debate. I think that a part of the answer is the fact that French culture and way of thinking stands apart of the Anglo-Saxon culture. That makes us a little bit different and exotic but still relevant. But I’ve met a lot of non-french artists that are very creative too.

Tickets and info, head to Future Music Group aka the legends you can thank for this one.

Tchami Australian tour dates 2014
Sydney, Fri 12 Sept @ Soho
Brisbane, Sat 13 Sept @ The Met
Adelaide, Thu 18 Sept @ HQ
Perth, Fri 19 Sept @ Ambar Nightclub
Melbourne, Sat 20 Sept @ Anyway Club


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