Human Movement: “Shake” what yo mama gave ya [Exposure Music]

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Human Movement: “Shake” what yo mama gave ya [Exposure Music]

7000+ plays in two days and 59 soundcloud followers? That’s when you know the music is doing the talking. That is all.

A track most suitable for hours beyond 2am… Human Movement’s, “Shake,” is standing is great stead since it’s release through German label, Exposure Music. The track will make you want to stomp, stomp and then stomp some more on the d-floor.
Shake is the crisp part of your crème brûlée, the hardened chocolate coating on your strawberry – that first crispy & delicious taste of what’s to come. Well beyond their years, Human Movement have created a track dedicated to the donse floor.
When you listen to Shake, you don’t just hear it, you become it. Shake is an attitude that says, “I’ve arrived to party.”
Word has it an EP is underway, which label is snatching it up? Not sure, but we await in excitement.



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