Darkside’s Dave Harrington is incandescently cray

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Darkside’s Dave Harrington is incandescently cray

Today in ambient; Dave Harrington blows minds and eardrums.

Released on brotown Nicolas Jaar’s label ‘Other People’, Hazzy has been busy filling up new compilation ‘Work’ with tracks that fit both the ‘quietly frightening’ and ‘bloody-ripper’ brackets of like.

Hot out of the sad news that Darkside split for now, Harrington isn’t slowing down on the release of amazing work. ‘Form and Effect’ sees his multi-instrumental skills to turn the ambient genre on it’s head – the heavy dark echo is balanced with smooth guitar stylings.

Also fresh on the hot hands of the compilation is a Jan Jelinek remix of Ancient Astronaut’s ‘B2′, another scarily affecting track which plays with dimensions in sound.

Catch ‘Work’ via Other People on September 29th.

[via FACT]


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