Watch: Todd Terje’s live ‘Electro-Tropical’ headlining Set

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Watch: Todd Terje’s live ‘Electro-Tropical’ headlining Set

We advise that you grab a set of headphones and plug yourself into this immediately. Performing in the capital of Norway at the 16th annual Øyafestivalen alongside acts such as Outkast, Royksopp Robyn and Darkside, Norwegian star Todd Terje not only headlined the mainstage, but closed the whole festival with a stellar performance.

Of course the performance wouldn’t be complete with out a live-backing band that included violins and percussions, teaming up with the electro-tropical dance music technician to provide the perfect soundtrack with some squelchy, futuristic synths tied in with extended drum/bongo breakdowns and the occasional yet powerful strings contribution. In short it can be best described as an almighty collaboration that explores delightful smorgasbord of instruments, both live and programmed. To top it off, we noticed early that Terje appears to have taken a leaf out of the ‘Rules of DJing’ provided by the legendary Fatboy Slim; rule number one being “never wear shoes”. Also keep a look out for the special guest appearance from Bryan Ferry who performs their rendition of Robert Palmer’s 1980 single ‘Johnny & Mary’.

Following the release of this year’s ‘It’s Album Time’ (which you can stream over here), Todd Terje will continue his tour all the way to Australia, where you can catch him playing at this years Fall’s Festival. His full set is now available to stream over at Musikk.

Prepare yourself for an unbelievable live performance.

Cheeky spoiler: He drops ‘Inspector Norse’ at 1:08:00 to close the place down… also we’ll NEVER get tired of this.


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