The Rising Popularity Of The Australian Bush Doof

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The Rising Popularity Of The Australian Bush Doof

Bush doofs are on the receiving end of a surge in popularity with the decentralised and commonly spiritual parties quickly becoming a first stop for all kinds of electronic lovers post the comedown of the big festival experience.

This year alone a wider audience will be teased by lineups from recognised semi-doofs Strawberry Fields, Subsonic, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and veteran party Earthcore, each with more recognised names being added to what usually comprised of ‘locals only’ lineup of years past.

It’s not only psytrance and more obscure genres being played to a anything from a couple hundred to a few thousand strong crowds but the introduction of stella international house and techno stars with Turbo label owner Tiga gracing last years Strawberry Fields lineup.

The move away from homogenous lineups towards the discovery of interesting and experimental ones are understandable with punters getting sick of paying top dollar to see the same act they saw last year… at the same national festival!

It’ll be interesting to see the direction of the upper tier Aussie bush doof and it’s growth through the next twelve to twenty four months with bigger acts, higher ticket prices and of course the un-avoidable Police attention due to the experimental nature of the parties.

No doubt the underground scene will continue with more obscure bushdoofs like Rene Gade, Tribal Rhythms, Royal Doof, Regrowth, Sounds Psylly and Dragon Dreaming all continuing on their own terms.

Until then, blast from the past here’s what Earthcore looked like back in 2000 along with a legit train DJ booth!


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