On the right P A T H

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On the right P A T H

Thanks to the Canadian producer, SKVTR, I was introduced to the worldwide label, SYZYGY, which then thankfully lead me to the American producer, P A T H. It was this track, “Coming Down,” a title that we know all too well, that really grabbed my attention. I haven’t seen much of him since, whether that’s a lack of being across it on my end, or a lack of output on his… EITHER WAY, I was very pleased to stumble across this brand new “Kimbra – Settle Down (P A T H remix).”

Don’t you love it when producers dig up the old goods, remind you of what you loved, take out what you hated, and add in what you needed? I sure as hell do! I do however love the emotive vocals in the original Kimbra version, but all that gushy emotion stuff isn’t future bass now is it.

In the age of GANZ, I would call this more of a “flip” than a remix, but who am I? It’s super glitchy and holds similarities to Madze’s music. Between the chanting, obscure percussion and ambient sounds of gushing water it lands itself amidst one of my favourite tracks this month, which is saying something because of this .


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