Medium Rare Recordings Serve 2 More Entree Tracks

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Medium Rare Recordings Serve 2 More Entree Tracks

Today we are excited to be checking in with partners in crime Medium Rare Recordings to deliver two more fresh Aussie local cuts full of spicy house goodness.

Following on from our first stellar serving from the lads by¬†Lo’99 and La Dooda, enter Riffie and Kimba (no not Kimbra!) who have put together consecutively¬†a dreamy house jam “With You” and an ‘all things’ jackin’ and wonky second track dubbed “Lay Down”.

The singles are available for free download if you follow the link on the SoundCloud. More importantly, stay tuned for more MRR goodness as they amp up for the first single release which is rumoured to be a romper by label part owner Benson!


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