Indian Summer On Two Gutsy Aussie Producers Pushing The Way We Listen

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Indian Summer On Two Gutsy Aussie Producers Pushing The Way We Listen

Gifted Melbourne duo Indian Summer, who netted a respectable #16 possie in the first ever Stoney Roads Awards have opened up on the ever growing talent here in Australia.

While packing for a big show this Saturday at Sydney’s newest LNDRY (Chinese Laundry) club night, the duo talked shop with us about two gutsy producers steering clear of trends and really pushing for their own dynamic style.

Their picks were considerably out of the box, highlighting both unique sounds and the speed of which the Australian dance music scenes growth!

Ribongia (SYD)

‘Slave Trade’ is one of the strangest / most unique pieces of music we have heard in a long time, Sydney artist Ribongia mixes delicious clean bass sounds with tribal vocals, weird as fuck synths and crazy footwork rhythms. Hats off to this guy for doing something totally unexpected, Australian music needs to continue reinventing itself like this if it intends to continue taking over the world.’

Instructional video on how to dance when listening:


Dugong JR (MELB)

Our old buddy from Melbourne Mr Dylan Tainsh is creating some fantastic material with his fairly new project Dugong Jr. The sounds he finds and uses are wild / fantastic, this remix of Gudu’s ‘Etheren’ he’s just put out (for free might I add) is a total jam. Expect big things from this young lad in the coming year.

Catch Indian Summer headline this Saturday at LNDRY (Chinese Laundry) club night after their opener last week with our #1 ‘Producer of the Year’ Motez who headed off to conquer the states yesterday.


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