Friday Five MP3 Wrap #1: Kastle, Acaddamy, Cassian, Bag Raiders, Detroit Swindle

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Friday Five MP3 Wrap #1: Kastle, Acaddamy, Cassian, Bag Raiders, Detroit Swindle

Wondering what a ‘Friday Five MP3 wrap’ is? Yeah us too. Pretty much there’s a stack of new music we’ve been meaning to post but haven’t gotten around to it and there’s no more fitting time than prior to a weekend of forgetting whatever the hell happened for the last five days.

LA Kastle has been slaying it for a while now although seems to be holed up in the studio recently working on new heat. Cue “Anythings Possible” featuring the emotive vocals of Lotti that reminds you exactly what upifting means! Play it loud this weekend people.

Australian on Australian never seemed so sexy that is until Top 25 ‘Producer of the Year’ awardee Acaddamy laid his hands all over sterling rock band The Preatures. Sometimes dabbling in remixes of genres too far outside the realms electronic can be a tough one but Acaddamy made this one his own taking “Two Tone Melody” from the mosh to the dancefloor. Tech-house fans will enjoy!

Another homegrown hero Cassian has just released his ‘Find Out / Could I Do’ EP and it’s as expected, pretty damn great. We already knew Cass’ was technically sound with his productions but “Find Out” is a cut above that again. Off the top of my head he’s one of the few really cutting-sick into the house groove and doing it at a global standard. Phwoar!

It’s pretty damn cool when a cool-ass artists are just like, yeah sure go ahead and remix us hey? As it was/is for Bag Raiders’ giving away the stems for their latest “Nairobi” with Drop Out Orchestra already stepping up to the plate for their barely legal remix – ha. Any good? We’ve always been fans of DOO so slightly bias but its a dancefloor burner for sure and proving you don’t necessarily need to be LOUD to make a statement.

God dammit, another Aussie… this time Listen Out headliner Chet Faker getting his moody single “1998” involved with some real European types Detroit Swindle. The guys always manage to make things pop and have managed to turn a peaty, downtrodden sound like Chets into a techy, glitchy and real hot slow burner.  4/5 would listen again.

Thats a wrap folks, most likely I’ll have another 10 tabs open next week waiting to get run on-site that’ll end up in the second evAH Friday Five Wrap – huzzah!

*will also work on some artwork for this one 😀


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