Diplo Cancelled PLUR But Moonrise Festival Didn’t

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Diplo Cancelled PLUR But Moonrise Festival Didn’t

Following the tragedy that took place at Mad Decent Block Party in Washington, DC, king of Mad Decent Diplo decided to crack down on the do’s and don’ts. Kandi, being the highly favored rave apparel, was one of the many don’ts. As you can imagine, plur kitties around the country whom were waiting for block party to arrive in their city turned sour towards the Mad Decent king.

Alas, just merely a week later, Moonrise Festival came to the rescue in full force to prove to the East coast (well, the finger is pointed at you Maryland) can handle their shit and have a damn good time. Right in the grime of Baltimore, Maryland, Steez Promo and GLOW DC introduced the Pimlico Race Course to Moonrise Festival. With beautiful weather predicted in the forecast and a low chance of bad vibes, festival attendees and kandi kids knew that this weekend was going to be one of the most memorable experiences of the summer.

Despite a call to cancel the event, with some believing it was a “dangerous decision” to let the festival go on, Moonrise staff brought their A-game to make sure that the thousands of attendees would be a safe, PLURfect weekend. Although upon arriving inside on Saturday morning with only one of four free water faucets working, it was quickly fixed. Not only was there a free water station, which is a basic must have at festivals, pleasent and helpful staff walked around festival grounds pouring water in attendee’s mouths, both at the stage areas and on their outskirts. As an outsider looking it, it treuly felt as though the staff cared about the festivalgoers and that safety was the #1 priority. If that act of precaution and generiousity isn’t the definition of plur, I don’t know what is.

The two-day music festival definitely did not lack diversity, had plenty smiling faces, and great performances by every sub-genre of dance music. From trap to deep house to trance, the crowd vibes were nothing but positive and carefree. Take a look at what we captured.

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Shots taken by Daniel McEnrue and Ashley Marro.


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