What Was Going On With David Guetta During His Tomorrowland Set?

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What Was Going On With David Guetta During His Tomorrowland Set?

A video of David Guetta’s live set from weekend two of Tomorrowland has made a quick dash across the internet after it maybe looks like the French producer has just started to feel the onset of a little pick me up.

It could be of course extreme exhaustion after gracing the stage seven days earlier for weekend one and possibly partying since but some tell tale signs certainly have us second guessing the big guys actions.

In the 12 minute or so clip below Mr Guetta goes through the usual steps in playing for the GIANT crowd dropping electro bombs here and there but his face tells another story.

Around 4.07 is when things get well, great as he stares down the barrel of the main camera in a state that almost looks like he’s forgotten where he’s at and possibly something else on his mind, ay ay ay. This continues for the next few seconds as he licks his lips slightly and the camera cuts away to a fairly generic looking crowd kissing for the camera etc.

Guetta Tripping on Make A Gif

The fun doesn’t end there with a few more shots of Guetta getting his ‘play’ button on before dropping an uplifting remix of Kid Cudi that gets his blood moving and an eventual arm raise (phyew). He then addresses the crowd asking how they are feeling with a rather goofy look on his face while continually whipping beads of sweat from his brow and top lip – nice.

Things sort of reach a peak when he stands atop of the decks and encourages parts of the crowd to shout and see who’s really down for a party before yelling into the mic “make some fucking noiseeeeeeeeeeeee” all within minutes going from zombie Guetta to duel arm wielding party Guetta.

Guetta Tripping 2 on Make A Gif

Tired or something else? You be the judge. Action kicks off at 4:04.


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