Simian Mobile Disco unleash new track ‘Tangents’

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Simian Mobile Disco unleash new track ‘Tangents’

After the very much anticipated announcement of a new album, the Simian Mobile Disco bros have delighted the internet today with the release of new track, ‘Tangents’.

The first single from new album ‘Whorl’, the sounds could only have been conceived from the album’s unique concept, an incredible performance generated live in the desolate American desert landscape.

Recorded amongst a 900-person audience, the 12 tracks of the album consist of insane manipulations of only modular synths and sequences. ‘Tangents’ is an awesome¬†display of this innovative approach – showing the two creatively establish a futuristic mash out of minimalist electronic materials.

With a strange trajectory that involves the shifting tempos of complex drum loops and synth patterns, the track reaches a paradox in a kind of stressed blissfulness. Glitchy and yet serene, we can’t understand how it makes us reach a point of listening placidity.

What seems to be the direct result of an unorthodox recording styles, check out the track and the amazing recording process in the video below. Whoa.

Whorl is set to drop on September 9th via ANTI Records.

[via Consequence of Sound]


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