Pioneer Announce Their Own ‘Professional’ Vinyl Turntable

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Pioneer Announce Their Own ‘Professional’ Vinyl Turntable

Looks like rumours of Pioneer releasing their own professional turntable have come good, today announcing a modern turntable dubbed the sci-fi-esque ‘PLX-1000’ that’ll look to please vinyl enthusiasts.

The clever move looks to insert Pioneer into the rapid re-growth in the vinyl sector following a convenient cease in production of the seminal Technics SL-1200 model back in 2010 that was and is commonly used by DJs and home audio fans.

How does it stack up though?

User-friendly Control Layout: quick tempo capability, start/stop button and high torque platter with lighted speed guide

High Torque Drive System: the turntable can hit peak torque within 0.3 seconds

Sound Quality Design: Pioneer have used a zinc die-cast chassis, reinforced a bottom section with 8-mm resin. A further 9-mm thick vibration-damping material for stable playback. Tone arm had plenty of focus on quality and design for maximum performance including internal rubber insulation. The RCA jacks feature gold plated machine cut parts for excellent sound quality.

Tempo Control: The turntable offers a range of tempo adjustments from ±8% and ±16% to ±50% giving users a range of pitch speeds. There’s also a ‘reset’ button that will instantly return the pitch back to ±0%

Overall it looks and sounds like a snazzy looking unit that doesn’t look to re-invent the wheel and instead bring a tested and true concept to the future, a modern classic if you will!

Expect to get your hands on one for RRP $699.00 when they land in shops. Full details here.

pioneer plx-1000 2
pioneer plx-1000 3
poioneer plx-1000 4
pioneer plx-1000 6


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