Falcon Punch & PIXELATED – Flyin High

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Falcon Punch & PIXELATED – Flyin High

There’s edits, and then there’s re-imaginations. When you put on an edit, it’s likely difficult for the untrained listened to notice any nuance or something different from the original. Edits are nice, but they’re subtle, and at times, can be cheap tricks for artists to receive SoundCloud plays and Facebook likes.

Re-imaginations are more bold–and a lot risker. Because when you take a song and really try to transform it into something new, there’s a lot more opportunity to mess it up. There’s more complexity in the production, and these types of resuscitations take time and patience that most people can’t afford–or don’t have.

Falcon Punch played this tune for me over a year ago, and I asked him why he hadn’t released it. His response was that it felt like it was missingĀ something.

A year later, and PIXELATED helped find that something. Taking Nina Simone’s classic–if drab–Feeling Good–and turning into a beach blazer:


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