11 11 – My Heart

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11 11 – My Heart

We know Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy aka Diddy has been eyeing techno for some time. After making mysterious appearances at events like Burning Man decked out in Sean John, we know he isn’t scoping out new rap talent. With whispers running through the rumor mill for some time, the Diddy collab with Guy Gerber has finally seen the light of day.

After scaling back his Pacha Ibiza ‘Wisdom Of The Glove’ residency, Gerber will be bouncing around Europe all Summer. We can expect the reborn rap raver to join Gerber behind the decks while playing the globes greatest underground venues.

 “11 11 inverts the recent dialogue between the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music, eschewing simple radio friendly factory fare, for darker, richer, deeper soundscapes. 11 11 is not a project aimed at main-stages and masses, but outliers and after-hours.”

Promising a free album later in the summer ‘My Heart’ is a damn good start. Deep tones meet Diddy’s throwback lyrics. Is it just me or does that throwback vocal line remind you of 90s hip hop? oh wait that’s right, Diddy is like 50 years old so he was there with Pac. We are definitely tipping our hats to this recent project. Keep watch for the full album as the summer gets hotter. 




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