ZHU unleashes killer Remixes of Lana Del Rey and London Grammar

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ZHU unleashes killer Remixes of Lana Del Rey and London Grammar

Since producer, ZHU, released his catchy 6 track ‘Nightday EP’ in April, he has completely blown up online and on the Australian radio. So much so, that a sneaky announcement yesterday via an awesome video, alluded ZHU will debut at Listen Out festival this year. Producer ZHU’s future continues to shine bright as he casts new colours of interpretation onto Lana Del Rays, “West Coast,” and London Grammar’s track “Strong.”

A few hours ago we heard West coast Artist, ZHU, slap his own synth flavour on Lana Del Rey’s single, “West Coast.” After numerous remixes of “West Coast,” from established artists such as Solomun, MK, Four Tet and Willaim Carl Jr, the remix is a ballsy move that has paid off very well! ZHU injects the sultry piece with dance-energy and a indescribable quality of mystery. He replaces Del Rey’s dark sense of nostalgia, for hypnotic house beats and flickering grandiose percussion, to materialize a confused yet glamorous feel. Expect the upbeat remix to cause incentive to donse uncontrollably and catastrophically, like nobody is watching, day or night. The slow chopped up vocals juxtapose nicely against the quick percussion in the background for wonderful listening. Perch your ear up real close to this:

Next up is the remix of London Grammar’s track “Stong”, and ZHU has it titled “Stong(er)”. The track pertains a certain subtle complexity that is less dark than London Grammar’s original, paralleling the softness of the original as apposed to absolutely morphing it into a ZHU grit-house, monstrous piece of work. The Stronger vocals at 1.52, add a certain light-heartedness. Creating a sense of togetherness or community, as though you could picture a group of people swaying synchronously together. See below for perfection:

The perfect package of both grit-house and chilled indie-pop, ZHU demonstrates his broad musical talent. Only good things to come from him in the future! Expect these two remixes to find their way into all sorts of sets this summer. Enjoy!




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