Is This The Weirdest Boiler Room You Have Ever Seen?

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Is This The Weirdest Boiler Room You Have Ever Seen?

Cult live dance music streaming channel Boiler Room have uploaded from a recent Berlin show what is possibly the weirdest set we’ve ever seen.

Boiler Room tell it how it is;

“Draped in a glittering techni-colour dreamcoat and hiding somewhere behind an animatronic dick-face, it’s Anklepants – lord of mutant bass and distorted pop electro.”

What? An animatronic dick-face? Mutant bass?

It’s actually pretty spot on as a multi-coloured almost jester looking ALIEN appears with a gyrating dildo for a nose and starts knocking out some seriously twisted beats on a heaving Funktion-one system, all manipulated by a handheld microphone/blade to a surprisingly roused German crowd in what could be a deleted scene from a classic Star Wars film.

The weirdest part is actually really enjoying it and sticking through the entire 40+ minute set and more so the fact that Anklepants is actually one of us… an Australian born prosthetics artist who made the move to Berlin earlier in his life and is now perfecting a perfectly unique live show – right on!

From what we can tell the show also featured odd sets from " target="_blank">DJ Scotch Egg (modulates off a fry pan), " target="_blank">Candie Hank, 50 Weapons artist " target="_blank">Anstam and " target="_blank">NHK’Koyxen… ok then.

Sip to 20:10 for things to really get weird.


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