Watch Skream and Route 94: Tequila, Pet Peeves and Banter

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Watch Skream and Route 94: Tequila, Pet Peeves and Banter

Step into the THUMP lounge room with Skream and UK chart topping Route 94 for 6 minutes of solid natter (chatter) about all things unimportant. The short clip catches the guys in what we see as being quite clearly in their element; kicking it on a couple of granny chairs, putting back some tequila whilst enjoying a ciggy (sorry, fag) and a pint.

In ‘Part 2’ of the series, the lads discuss what they perceive has changed in the dance music scene, from the difference between crowds in a house music and a dub-step venue to how the way people dance has changed. Moving onto their ‘pet peeves’, unsurprising topics include ‘festival bros’ mixing steroids and coke, getting caught in the middle of imposing selfies and wearing a watch solely as a fashion statement.

Watch the full clip below. In case you missed part 1, you can find the link to it " target="_blank">here.

In other news, Skream has recently launched his new label Of Unsound Mind, and you can stream the first release here.


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