Pretty Pink Drops First Stoney Roads Vol. 1 Mixtape + Interview

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Pretty Pink Drops First Stoney Roads Vol. 1 Mixtape + Interview


Today we are fortunate enough to give you guys a mix and interview from one of the most respected female producers/ DJ’s in the world, Pretty Pink.  Pretty Pink has had a very vivid career. After releasing various mix tapes, hundreds of impressive gigs around the world and numerous hit releases, she has stroked the scene with an untouchable mixture of skill, emotion and her remarkable taste. Next level performances have added to her already impressive resume and have helped her gain a well known reputation all across Europe. Her unofficial Remix of Daughters ‘Get Lucky’ cover caught fire among the international scene over the last few months and after checking out her future releases, we are excited to see whats to come for the beautiful deep house Queen.  Enjoy the following Deep-House mixtape with a stroke of pinkness. Also noted that there is a fair amount of unreleased tunes included in this mix so keep those ears open 😉

SR: How long have you been djing and producing?
PP: For over 8 years- straight. Everything started when I turned from sports into arts and had a lot of ideas.

SR: Who are some of your biggest inspirations in dance music?
PP: Good inspirations don’t come easy- it’s important to sourround yourself with beautiful things and good emotion, most club tracks are inspired by the crowd but most of the times I’m in distance to the club-environment and find myself jamming to a good groove or I’m getting inspiration from the people around me -good friends are the most enjoyable thing.

SR: THUMP recently released an article stating that the amount of female DJ’s in the scene is drastically less than the amount of male Dj’s and the numbers are pretty clear. What can we expect for the future of dance music when it comes to female producers and DJ’s? 
PP: Female producers and DJ’s aren’t new in Europe – we have always been around and when it comes to music quality and shows the same high standards from the male division apply to us. I’m no exception – we all have to work hard and take the entire scene next level.

SR: If you could do a collaboration with one producer, who would it be? and why them? 
PP: I would love to work with a lot of people but the sound and the idea of a track is most important. Emotional tracks are hard to mix and don’t always fit the highest club standards – I’m looking for valuable collaboration and not for big names. If you as a reader have great ideas- please send them to me, I’ll get back to you as soon as it inspires me.

SR: What kind of pizza do you like?  
PP: Pink Pizza. 🙂

SR: In your opinion, what is the best city you have ever played in?
PP: I would like to adjust the question: All gigs I play are mostly for the people – the crowd decides on the power and impact of the gig. Playing in big cities does’t mean anything to me – I’ve played shows on the country where people went nuts and will always prefer location that my listeners want me to play in.

SR: If/when you come over to Australia, what is the first thing you want to do/see ?
PP: Koalas & Reefs! <3


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