Interview w/ STWO who touched down in Sydney town

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Interview w/ STWO who touched down in Sydney town

STWO touched down in Sydney town this weekend and cooked up some Parisian love at the Future Classics Party, taking part in our annual Vivid festival. The swagger has since continued, pouring it’s way onto the rest of Aus and NZ, as he tours around with BBE touring and events. I went to go watch Mr. Cool in action and caught up with him after the show (post whipping my hair back and fourth, centre front stage, like a typical white fan girl). He was ridculously humble, unentitled and super relaxed with the utmost of Parisian swag, and an accent to die for. The Drizzy of Pari? Perhaps, perhaps not…. what we do know, is the He Stay on his Cool Shit, Cool Shit…

S.R: Did you enjoy tonight?
STWO: Yeh tonight was pretty cool. It was my first time I’ve been to Sydney ever. The Opera House is really like crazy, I heard it’s like one of the biggest places here. It’s so famous – when you think of Sydney, you think of the Opera House, kangaroos n shit. It went pretty well, everyone was kind of feeling it. So it was perfect, for real.

S.R: What do you think of Australians?
STWO: I’m here since yesterday so I haven’t had much time but people are super friendly. I didn’t know I had a public here, like an audience, but I do, like so many people came and know about my music. So that’s crazy because it’s so far from where I’m from.

S.R: Internet will do that to ya. What does the rest of the tour entail?
STWO: I don’t really know each day, but tomorrow I’m going to Perth and then two gigs in New Zealand (Auckland and Christchurch). Then back to Sydney and Melbourne. That’s pretty much it I guess.

S.R: Which is your ideal festival to play at?
STWO: Honestly, I prefer playing in the small clubs and shit. You see people, it’s more intimate. I’m playing Dour festival in Belgium which is pretty cool, pretty huge. And I’m playing in Croatia too, in September, but yeh like… Coachella. It’s like, one of the biggest in the world, so, yea.

S.R: Which DJ would you like to play with, side by side?
SWTO: I don’t know, I really don’t know. I don’t do a lot of back to back – you know, when you’re playing with some other dude. I can play with anyone and everyone if they’re good.

S.R: What’s your, “Yep, I’ve made it,” moment?
SWTO: Ahh, I want to quit DJing. I don’t really like being put on the spot light. My goal is producing for people n shit, for Drake or whatever. I love Drake. I want to be a producer for big rappers, singers and such. I still want to do some shit like producing my own tracks, but when I will say “I made it,” will be producing for huge people. I don’t want to be known that much. I’m not doing this for the fame, but that’s how it works, if you want the money  you need to tour.

S.R: You live in Paris, yeh…? What’s a typical day in Parii?
STWO: Oh shit, I sleep all day. In the night like, I get all my inspiration and produce.

S.R: What was it like producing your remix of Trey Songz, “Na Na.” I was so looking forward to hearing it tonight but you didn’t play it…[Listen here]
STWO: The management of Trey Songz hit me up and were like, we’re looking for some remixes of Na Na. So I was like, okay I’ll think about it, and my manager agreed. So I did it for shits, sent it to my management and they released it. I don’t even like my remix I did. It’s the same beats I always do, it’s too easy. I want to do some different shit.

S.R: Bar girls or Club girls?
SWTO: Not club girls, you mean golddiggers? 100% no. I have no idea what my ideal girl is. I just natural girls, like, girls who don’t give a shit about how they look.

S.R: Who are some artists you’ve liked of late, that aren’t so well known?
STWO: I don’t know, most of the people I’m working with, like all the guys from my label. I like the guys from Soulection, too. I saw their London Boiler Room like two days ago, it was pretty cool, I was laughing as fuck when Carmack played because he doesn’t give a shit.

S.R: Favourite Parisian feed?
STWO: I love cheese, any kind of cheese
S.R: Cheese by itself? On any thing?
STWO: Yea I just love cheese by itself. When I was in Barcelona they had no cheese.
S.R: I found the best cheese of my life at the LA Boqueria (La Ramblas) markets in Barca!
STWO: Really? Damn I suck then.

S.R: Anything you want to add for our readers?
STWO: Just a shout out the Stoneyroads, and thanks for coming out. It was pretty cool. I’m gonna turn up now, drink n shit and go back to my apartment, smoke weed and… idno.

He’s actually a surprise guest this Saturday playing with both Sango and Pomo at Oxford Art Factory, not a party to miss!

[instavideo cred: wearebbe]


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